the bible says

The recorded victories in the past gave us one important lesson about prayer and that is the power of intercessory prayer. Prayer can change hearts, even the most unforgiving hearts. As we’re nearing the end of time, may we forgive those who have wronged us, for Christ Himself has forgiven us too.
Imagine a new pandemic. No, not a killer, but a healer. A new pandemic of Prayer and Bible Study. Our world badly needs hope, it needs healing, it needs help, assurance, salvation. Our world needs Jesus. He offers a spirit of peace in place of fear, and a spirit of hope in place of worry. As Covid – 19 and the protests send the world into crisis – it sends us to our knees and to our Bibles. Let’s start a pandemic of prayer and be released from the chains of sin.
Talking to God – prayer – is an important part of developing a lively and dynamic relationship with God. Do you find that you have trouble keeping your prayer life going? Have you ever wished you found more joy in prayer? More meaning? Would you like to open up a channel of communication with heaven, that can bring you into direct contact with God Himself? Watch this clip to discover 10 simple steps to a powerful prayer life.
The times we are living in are terrifying and fraught with so much insecurity. So, what is the answer? Should we give in to fear? Jump back in terror when someone coughs a metre from us? During a time like this, it is important that we anchor our life in Jesus. He is able to keep us safe even in the midst of the worst storms. We can turn to Him for wisdom, comfort and guidance but above all, we can turn to Him for peace.
When a crisis looms or drops in your lap, how do you cope? Do you get angry, do you panic, do you pretend it’s not happening? It’s easy to have an emotional response to the circumstances around us. The difficulty lies in bringing balance to our emotions, so they don’t consume us. If you’d like to develop your emotional intelligence or your ability to cope better, regardless of what life throws at you, watch this clip.