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Is it possible to prepare ourselves emotionally and spiritually to meet any and every crisis we might face in the future? Is there a simple guide that can keep our minds and our hearts sane during a time of chaos? Watch this video and learn how to plug into an infinite and unfailing source of strength to help us through dark and difficult days.
Have you ever felt isolated and lonely, even when you are not on your own? Have you ever felt hurt and rejected? Have you stayed isolated, lonely and hurting as a result? In this video, Gary Kent shares 3 principles, from the Bible, for dealing with isolation and having a fulfilling life regardless of the circumstances.
Feeling lonely and isolated? You’re not alone. More than a quarter of Australians and New Zealanders report being lonely. And nearly 55% of the population said they feel they lack companionship at least sometimes. Even before the outbreak of the Coronavirus, loneliness was recognised as a social and emotional epidemic. But what can we do to quell loneliness? Especially during these unusual times? Join Gary Kent as he looks into what the Bible says about loneliness and true joy and fellowship that can be found first in Jesus.
Television, radio and social media are filled with information about the Covid-19 pandemic. We’re all concerned and worried about our well-being. However, do you know there are a few things you can do to help strengthen your immune system? And none of them involve wearing a full hazmat suit. Gary Kent gives us 8 simple steps on how to boost our immunity.