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Temple Mount Steps

I am standing here on the Temple Mount Steps beside the walls of the old city of Jerusalem. The Bible comes alive when you step foot in Israel, and that’s certainly true when you visit the Temple Steps here in Jerusalem. It’s amazing to think that Jesus would have walked up these very steps on his way to the temple. Herod the Great originally built these stone steps when he expanded the size of the Temple Mount and rebuilt the Second Temple. Sometimes called the Southern Steps, these steps were originally a set of 30 steps that were 60m or 200 feet wide. Interestingly, the stairs are built in a unique repeating pattern of two steps followed by a longer landing. These steps were also known as the Rabbi steps or the Teaching Steps because they have a raised platform on their side. It is believed that this is where Jesus would often teach when He was in Jerusalem. It was also the place where Rabbis and other temple teachers would give announcements or speeches to the people as they walked up this busy passageway to the temple.

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