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On 26 September 1943, a group of six men paddled their folding canoes quietly into the Singapore harbour. All around them, the harbour bustled with activity, but they silently slipped undetected between the massive ships berthed along the docks. They were agents of Special Unit Z deployed by the Allied forces to sabotage shipping inside the Singapore harbour, which was occupied by Japanese forces. The men attached limpet mines to the hulls of seven ships and then paddled back to their forward base just 19 km/12 miles away. When the mines detonated, they sank or damaged 39,000 tonnes of shipping, leaving the Japanese completely stunned. Join us as we take a closer look at the amazing story of Operation Jaywick.
This program is about something men tend to think of as extremely complex: the inner workings of women. Most men have burned up lots of energy trying to figure out what a woman wants, what makes her tick, what’s on her mind, and how to make her happy. Well, there’s good news, success is simpler than people think. After years of research, Shaunti Feldhahn shows that women actually can be understood. She’s identified several key findings about women that explain many of the mysteries and enable a man to love his partner the way he wants to and be her hero. In this program, Shaunti shares her helpful discoveries and guides us on a journey into the fascinating inner workings of women.
There are significant dates that are etched in our collective memories, and one of these dates is 22 November 1963. At 12:30 pm a gunshot rang out that reverberated right around the world. Years after John F Kennedy’s assassination, people are still captivated by the event that happened here on Elm Street in Dallas, Texas. As a young man, he survived WWII and received a Purple Heart for bravery, one of America’s highest honours for gallantry during battle, but his life ended here on a peaceful autumn day, by an assassin’s bullet. We’re still fascinated by how the death of one leader could impact a people, a culture, a nation, or a world. Join me as we look more closely into this historic event and the message it carries today