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Len Waters

Len Waters, was the first Aboriginal Australian military aviator and the only one to serve as a fighter pilot in the RAAF during World War II. Born in 1924 in northern NSW and raised in southeast rural QLD, Waters grew up dreaming of flying. You won’t want to miss his inspiring story.GET YOUR FREE BOOKLET HERE (A Second Chance at Life – Discover Bible Study): https://tij.tv/offers/a-second-chance-at-life-bible-study/=== FOR DONATIONS TO THE INCREDIBLE JOURNEY ===✅ Tax Deductible Donation: https://tijfund.tij.tv/✅ Non-Tax Deductible Donation: https://tij.tv/donate/==============================================WEBSITE: https://tij.tvFACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/TheIncredibleJourneyMinistry/INSTAGRAM: https://www.instagram.com/tij.tv/=====================================ABOUT THE MINISTRYThe Incredible Journey is a donor-funded ministry passionate about communicating our bold vision of sharing the good news of Christ and preparing people for the soon coming of Jesus.We are devoted to giving Biblical answers to life’s questions through television, the Internet, social media, Bible Centre, evangelistic ministry and Christian living and faith-sharing resources.==========================================================================ABOUT OUR SPEAKERGary Kent is the speaker for The Incredible Journey media ministry. He holds a B.A. in Theology, M.A. in Ancient History & Archaeology, and M. in Divinity. He is an archaeologist who has excavated numerous sites throughout Israel and Jordan. As an internationally-acclaimed speaker and TV presenter, he has spoken and produced numerous documentaries on subjects including the Bible, Bible prophecy, world events and natural health. His passion is to share the good news of Jesus’ imminent return.=====================================#TIJTV

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