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Is Halloween in the Bible?

What is Halloween? It’s growing in popularity every year in Australia and around the world. For weeks, the shops are filled with ghoulish displays, and people become excited about dressing up as a skeleton or a spooky dead person. But why are they doing this, and where does the idea come from? And what does the Bible say about this type of activity? Should Bible-believing Christians celebrate Halloween? Let’s start by asking ourselves this. Is Halloween based on godly themes? Do the ghoulish Halloween costumes bring to mind feelings of peace and happiness or fear, oppression and death? The Bible doesn’t mention Halloween but warns us against having anything to do with the occult, Satan and his demons. Satan uses many tricks to deceive us. Halloween is candy-coated poison and here are some reasons why we should avoid this celebration. 1. Halloween has a pagan origin. 2. Halloween and the occult glorifies Satan and his evil angels. 3. Halloween can give Satan a foothold in your life. 4. Halloween is not uplifting and does not bring peace, freedom and salvation. 5. Halloween promotes the idea that the dead have an immortal soul.

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