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Waltzing Matilda and the Fearful Swagman (Banjo Paterson)

Back in 1895, a 30-year-old Banjo Paterson was staying at Dagworth Sheep Station near Winton, when he heard the story of the recent death of a striking sheep shearer at the nearby Combo Waterhole, wrote the tale and put the lyrics to the tune he had heard the station owner’s daughter playing on the autoharp. The new song spread rapidly, and the first public recital was at Winton’s North Gregory Hotel on 6 April. The enduring popularity of this song that uses many iconic Australian words to describe the rugged beauty and character of the outback, also is a graphic reminder of the consequences of fear. Fear is a common and powerful emotion that can interfere, restrict and cripple our lives. Are you afraid or worried about something? What’s your greatest fear? Is it embarrassment? Failure? Rejection? Disappointing others? Not fitting in? How can we better cope with fear? What do we do when fear consumes us? God doesn’t want you to live in fear, even when life is difficult and the future uncertain.

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