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Who Were the Hittites?

The Hittites were an ancient empire mentioned frequently in the Bible, more than 50 times. But they were not known from secular records until the late 19th century. So, who were the Hittites? And where did they come from? The Hittites were renowned for their skill in building chariots and also for being the pioneers of using iron instead of bronze in their battles and warfare with the Israelites. What is really surprising is that one of the trusted and elite soldiers of King David of Israel is a man called Uriah the Hittite. Now Uriah’s story is one of the most famous references to a Hittite in the Bible, and it is found in 2 Samuel 11. It is recorded that while Uriah was away fighting in the king’s army, King David saw Uriah’s wife, Bathsheba, and desired her. So, after their dalliance, King David deliberately has Uriah placed at the front of the battle where he’s sure to be killed, and after Uriah the Hittite’s death, King David marries his widow Bathsheba.

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