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Lake Eyre and the Water of Life

The Australian outback is dry. Water is vital and precious. It’s scarce out there. Most years see very little rainfall. Survival is a challenge. Life is tough.
But about every twenty-five years or so, cyclones and heavy rains in Queensland and Northern Australia, send floodwaters on a 1,000km journey south to nearby Lake Eyre, which on the rare occasions that it fills is the largest lake in Australia. As the water flows across the flood plains and fills Lake Eyre, it transforms the area and sparks a greening of the desert. It brings life and vitality to one of the driest and most inhospitable places on earth. The area just comes alive. Unlike the water that flows into Lake Eyre, that only comes fully every 25 years or so, and even then is soon gone, this program will reveal to us the living water that will satisfy forever, quench our thirst forever, satisfy our soul and lead us into eternal life.

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