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Space is awesome! Immeasurable distances! Incomparable speeds! Incomprehensible spheres! Inconceivable power. The magnitude of space is truly awe-inspiring. …

Is Egypt in the Bible?

Egypt is a land of wonder and the home to one of the greatest ancient civilisations in history. But for many people, Egypt is most famous for the pyramids and the Sphinx that rise from the sandy plains at Giza near Cairo, the capital city. But is Egypt in the Bible? Watch this video.


Caesarea Maritima! It’s a truly amazing place. Herod the Great planned to build a perfect city as the political capital of the region. From the palace, the hippodrome or the chariot racetrack, the ancient public lavatory, bathhouse, shoreline promenade, Roman theatre, and frescoes, to the magnificent harbour – it was a grand town.

Roman Centurions

The Roman army was an efficient killing machine, and the backbone of this army were the centurions. They were veteran soldiers who commanded 100 men. They we…

Why the Birth of Jesus is Important to all and not just Christians

People all over the world have heard the story of Jesus’ birth. But have you ever wondered why it matters, and what difference it makes? Well, it makes a huge difference, and not just to Christians, but to everyone. The birth of Jesus was the most important event in human history – and here’s why.

Should Christians Celebrate Christmas?

As the year draws to an end, billions of people around the world look forward to Christmas Day, with its evergreen trees, colourful lights, carol-singing, gi…

A Message of Hope in Time of Terror

Once again, the world is witnessing another war in Israel and Gaza. Who knows what the devastation will be? As the world faces one crisis after another, people’s hearts tremble with fear. But it is a time for we who know the Lord Jesus to look up and not be downcast. This is a time for us to pray for peace and an end to war. It is time for us to pray for those who are suffering and grieving. It is time for us to pray that the One who is the Prince of Peace will move the hearts of leaders toward peace and that Jesus will come soon to put an end to all strife. Will you pray with me? – Heavenly Father, We weep for the peoples of Israel and Gaza and pray for peace. In particular, We pray for the safety of all civilians — whether residents, hostages, or tourists and pilgrims — and we pray for a cessation of violence. In Jesus’ name, we pray. Amen.

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