Temple Mount Steps

I am standing here on the Temple Mount Steps beside the walls of the old city of Jerusalem. The Bible comes alive when you step foot in Israel and that’s certainly true when you visit the Temple Steps here in Jerusalem. It’s amazing to think that Jesus would have walked up these very steps on his way to the Temple. Herod the Great originally built these stone steps when he expanded the size of the Temple Mount and rebuilt the Second Temple. Sometimes called the Southern Steps, these steps were originally a set of 30 steps that were 60m or 200 feet wide.

Roman Centurions

The Roman army was an efficient killing machine, and the backbone of this army were the centurions. They were veteran soldiers who commanded 100 men. They we…

Rescued from the Fire

The 2019–20 Australian bushfire season is now known as the Black Summer. It was a period of unusually intense bushfires in many parts of Australia but especi…

Can you tell the Future?

You know about time is that we can look back, but we can’t see the future. Who could have predicted the pandemic that has changed our world forever? Who could have predicted the rise of violence and lawlessness in our societies? Many people are asking what is going to happen next? How can we know what the next calamity is? Is there a way to find out? Some have tried to tell the future but without success. Some try science, others try fortune-tellers with their crystal balls, others read the horoscopes, and others follow conspiracy theories.I want to suggest that the only reliable source for finding out about the future is the Bible. Only God knows the future and He shares the details in His word the Bible.

Can Graffiti Ever be Good? Mr Eternity: Arthur Stace

For more than a quarter of a century, Arthur Stace’s shadowy, elusive figure roamed the streets of Sydney in the darkness before dawn, unseen and unknown. It was one of the city’s biggest mysteries. Who was writing in chalk, this one word, “Eternity” on the footpaths every morning? It was written about half a million times on the sidewalks of the city. Watch this video to know how this Graffiti changed the lives of many people around Australia.

Dietrich Bonhoeffer – What is Grace?

Dietrich Bonhoeffer was a double agent who plotted to assassinate Adolf Hitler in the Wolf’s Lair fortress. When the plot failed, Hitler made sure Bonhoeffer was executed in the final days before the German surrender. Today Bonhoeffer is hailed as a twentieth-century martyr. He voluntarily faced imprisonment and execution with determination and courage. But why did he do this? What values shaped his life, and where did these come from?

New Year’s Message 2023

The start of a New Year is a time of new beginnings and fresh starts – as well as a cause for celebration. I love the way that Jesus combined all of this in His story of the prodigal son. It’s about a young man who rebelled and left his father, taking his inheritance with him and wasting it on careless living. Luke 15:14 says, “He spent everything he had . . . and he was left without a thing”. His recklessness had left him lonely and miserable. So, he decided to swallow his pride and return home and ask to be a servant in his father’s house. The prodigal’s father is like your heavenly Father. No matter what you’ve done, when you come home to God, he wraps you in his love. He gives you his best and says, “All is forgiven! Go get the robe. Go get the shoes. Let’s have a feast! My child has returned to me.” You come home to celebration, not condemnation.

Why the Birth of Jesus is Important to all and not just Christians

People all over the world have heard the story of Jesus’ birth. But have you ever wondered why it matters, and what difference it makes? Well, it makes a huge difference, and not just to Christians, but to everyone. The birth of Jesus was the most important event in human history – and here’s why.

Should Christians Celebrate Christmas?

As the year draws to an end, billions of people around the world look forward to Christmas Day, with its evergreen trees, colourful lights, carol-singing, gi…

Roman Soldiers

The Roman empire was one of the greatest and most influential civilisations in history and ruled the world for around 500 years. It was founded when Augustus Caesar proclaimed himself as the first emperor of Rome…