I Will Return – General Douglas MacArthur

In March 1942, General Douglas MacArthur was forced to flee the Philippines in the face of an aggressive Japanese invasion. MacArthur had been appointed Field Marshal of the Philippines by the United States government and had been tasked with protecting the Philippines from Japanese invasion.

Faith, Prayer and Action Equals Results

Prayer is powerful. It provides us with a link to God.
Prayer can change our hearts, our thoughts and our lives.
Watch this clip to find out more about the power of prayer and how to pray effectively.

Loss and Grief

Man crying alone

One of the saddest things that can ever happen to a parent is to have one of their children die. It’s heart-wrenching, soul destroying and unimaginable. It’s a grief that is like no other and that lasts a lifetime. How do parents cope? How do they bear the depth of the pain? Watch the clip below and find out how you can find comfort even in the most painful situations in your life.

The Pursuit of Happiness

Everyone wants to be happy. It’s something we all have in common – the desire for happiness. God challenges us to ask for the old paths, the tried and true avenues that guarantee our search of happiness. This isn’t a pipe dream, but a tangible experience within reach. So, what are some biblical methods to find happiness? Discover these methods by watching this video.

How to Cope When Life Gives you Lemons

Since the Coronavirus pandemic began to race across the globe in early March 2020, we soon saw a parallel pandemic begin. It was called a pandemic of fear. But has living in fear really become the new norm? Now with fear there are also a handful of other feelings that have also become the new norm: isolation, loneliness, and uncertainty. So how do we cope when we are faced with these feelings?

10 Steps to a Powerful Prayer Life

Prayer requires an open heart, a surrendered will, a persevering spirit, and willing hands. Let us not wait till we are out at sea, tossed and blown in a storm, before we pray. May we make prayer our first resort and not our last.

EQ – Weathering Your Emotional Storms

It’s easy to have an emotional response to the circumstances around us. That is natural. The difficulty lies in bringing balance to our emotions so they don’t consume us.

Who Are the Edomites?

The Edomites were a prominent and vital nation during Bible times. Unfortunately, though they were neighbours and relatives of the Israelites, there was often animosity between them. To learn more about them, watch this wonderful video.