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On the evening of 24 December, 1914, German and English troops in the trenches in Belgium called a ceasefire so that they could celebrate Christmas. One of t…

Mary of Magdala – Trailer

Woman in a cave facing up to the rays of the sun

In her desperate search for freedom, Mary of Magdala was drawn to follow Jesus’ inspirational message. It changed her life and got rid of her demons. She bec…

Gold Medal Hero: Jesse Owens [Trailer]

a man sprinting during the olympic games

The Olympics! It’s one of the world’s biggest events, drawing scores of nations together, focusing billions of eyes on exceptional athletes. Entire nations f…

Trailer: Plane Crash Survivor

Imagine being adrift in shark-infested waters, far from land and late at night. Totally lost, exhausted, and afraid – you have almost no chance of survival. …

Opals – Fire in the Desert TRAILER

In our new program, Opals – Fire in the Desert, Gary Kent will be sharing the fascinating true story of “Iron Man” Jim Shaw, who pushed a loaded wheelbarrow…

Ben Carson: Think Big

Ben Carson is a decorated Neurosurgeon and is the first and only person who performed the successful separation of conjoined twins attached at the back of the head…

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