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53. Jesus Feeds the People – Mark 6:37-42

When Jesus tells the disciples that they should give the people something to eat, they respond to him with economics! They show him how it’s an economic impossibility for Jesus to feed the people.Economics isn’t the solution to the problems of the world. Neither is politics or anything like that. Jesus asked the disciples to solve the problem so that they could realise how impossible it was for them. And then they gave him what they had, and Jesus worked a miracle.It’s interesting that Jesus didn’t just work a miracle out of thin air. Instead, he expects the disciples to put what they have in his hands. In that way, they learnt to surrender to him. And in that way, they became collaborators with God, partners with Him.What is an insolvable problem that you’re facing in your life right now? Take some time out today to spend it with Jesus, and to put what you have in his hands. Then stand back and watch what happens!

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