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77. Jesus Drives Out an Evil Spirit – Mark 9:25-27

The crowd had witnessed the lack of power of the disciples. They had seen the accusations of the teachers of the law against Jesus. So, now Jesus waits until the crowd comes running to the scene. He wants everyone to see what he is going to do next. And what Jesus does next is awe-inspiring. With his word of power, he commands the spirit to leave the boy and never return. Then, in a dramatic scene, the evil spirit dramatically leaves the boy.Interestingly, before the boy stood up, free from the evil spirit, Mark says that he looked like a corpse. Sometimes you have to hit rock bottom before you allow Jesus to take your hand. Because that’s what Jesus did: he extended his hand and lifted the boy up to his feet.The disciples hadn’t been able to heal a boy possessed by an evil spirit, and their failure had led to an embarrassing public spectacle. Jesus had healed him through His word of power. This program focuses on the restoration of Bible truth and the fact that there are now two Empires vying for our allegiance.

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