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The Jet Pilot’s Journey

Our world has seen some great and amazing travellers, like Marco Polo, Christopher Columbus, James Cook, Ferdinand Magellan, Vasco da Gama, and Ibn Battuta. These trailblazers journeyed to the ends of the Earth. But surely our age has seen the greatest travellers of all time. They don’t travel by camel, ship, or on foot, but by airships, aeroplanes, and the greatest of these modern travellers are the pilots who fly jet planes. They cover more kilometres and travel to more destinations in less time than anyone else in history.

Well, in this episode, you’re going to meet one of these real-life jet pilots. He’s one of those people who sit right at the pointy end of planes, who have our lives in their hands, and who we hear through the intercom, but rarely, if ever, actually see. This pilot has made one of the greatest journeys. His amazing story will surprise and inspire you and may even change your life. Captain Graham Hood has flown 35,000 hours, has carried five million passengers, and has flown over 20 million kilometres. But his longest journey isn’t one that he has taken in a plane in the pilot’s seat, it’s the journey of life.

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