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Part 2: The Exile – Moses: A Hero for Our Time Series

After fleeing Egypt after a single reckless act, Moses wandered through the desert. He managed to make his way to the wilderness of Midian, where he was welcomed into the family of Jethro, the high priest of Midian and a follower of the God of the Hebrews. Moses spent forty years in the wilderness of Midian, caring for Jethro’s sheep and carving out a new life for himself far away from the Royal Courts of Egypt. It would have been tempting for him to think that God had given him a new direction in life. But God had other plans for Moses. Appearing to him in a burning bush consumed by flame but not destroyed, God called Moses to his life’s work, liberating the Hebrews and establishing the nation of Israel. Moses’ first reaction was to shrink from the responsibility. Still, he eventually accepted and returned to Egypt, where he became the spokesman as God revealed His power to the mightiest superpower in the ancient world.

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