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Part 1: The Death Decree – Moses: A Hero for Our Time Series

The story of Moses and the Exodus forms an integral part of the faith of millions of Christians and Jews worldwide. It is also a story that has captured people’s imaginations with its timeless messages of freedom and deliverance. This week, we look at the early years of Moses’ life. Hidden by his mother as an infant in an attempt to save his life, the most unlikely heroine rescued Moses, the daughter of the very man who threatened his life. Adopted by the Egyptian Princess Hatshepsut, Moses grew up surrounded by the influences of the Egyptian Royal Court as a Prince of Egypt. However, despite the Egyptian influences surrounding him, Moses retained his identity as a Hebrew. After a series of unfortunate events turned him from a Prince of Egypt into a penniless fugitive, Moses found himself adrift in the wilds of Midian with nothing but the clothes on his back.

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