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Filming trip to Singapore

Singapore, a digital technology hub

As reported in an earlier article, on our recent trip to Asia, we not only went to Cambodia to film in the ruins of Angkor Wat, but also visited Singapore. Where better to film an episode about our High-Tech world than in this city-state? Singapore is at the forefront of becoming a digital city. This means not only are there robots delivering food to your table in a restaurant, or subways managed from a central server room without drivers in the actual trains, but so much more of what digital technology offers us; with all the benefits and costs associated with it.

Its location on the world map has put Singapore in a unique position. It amassed its wealth by being a central transport hub for international shipping. The number of ships you see in the seaside picture gives an indication of the volume that is handled in the ports.

By virtue of such regional logistical importance, Singapore became a target for the Japanese during World War II. Whilst under British colonial rulership at that time, the city was overrun by a surprise attack during the expansion of Imperial Japan. The tourist area on Siloso has an extensive site dedicated to that part of the history of Singapore and is worth a visit. Keep a keen eye on the weekly episodes so that you catch our episode about it – as well as the episode about the High-Tech Digital City, that Singapore is today.

As we filmed the episode about High-Tech Singapore, our crew was suddenly interrupted by a delightful dozen of otters emerging from the shimmering waters. These playful creatures frolicked on the land, basking in the warm sunlight, and enjoying their leisure time. Even as we marveled at their adorable antics, our cameras continued to roll, capturing this unexpected and charming moment of nature’s beauty. Watch them in this little collage of pictures.

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