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The Fall of Jerusalem – Part 1: Rome and the Kingdom of Heaven

Part 1: Rome and the Kingdom of Heaven

The birth of the Roman Empire was fraught with war and bloodshed. At the heart of the struggle lay the assassination of Julius Caesar on the Ides of March in 44 B.C at the hands of some of his most trusted friends. This was followed by a season of internal strife which culminated in the crowning of Caesar’s adopted son Octavian as Augustus Caesar, the first emperor of Rome. Rome went on to dominate the world, covering millions of square miles of territory at its peak. Empowered by its ruthless military might and most powerful empires the world has ever seen. Within the folds of this new empire, another kingdom was born. One that was founded on peace and self-sacrifice. One that rejected bloodshed and nurtured relationships. While Rome was hedonistic and militarisitc this new kingdom was spiritual. Join us as we take a look at the birth of the Roman empire and the birth of the Christian church, exploring how each movement made its impact and changed the world.

Superfoods for the Brain

The most complicated and advanced computer on earth cannot be purchased in any shop. It is known as the most complex object in the universe today. This astonishing device is so unique and yet is responsible for storing and retrieving vast quantities of information, forming relationships with other people, adapting too rapidly changing circumstances, and amazingly can be accessed at a moment’s notice. It is, of course, the human Brain. Would you like to better understand your Brain and how it functions? Would you like to find out some of the simple ways we can all improve our memory, boost our creativity, and keep our minds alert and sharp? Then join Gary Kent and Dr. Delia McCabe as they discuss Superfoods for the Brain.

Five Shipwrecks and a Mother’s Love

There is no greater love on earth than a mother’s love. It’s enduring, steadfast and unremitting. Peter Richardson’s mother’s love followed him wherever he went. This kind of love helps us to understand how much God loves us. Hear the extraordinary story of how a mother’s love for her runaway son triumphed over five shipwrecks in our new program: Five Shipwrecks and a Mother’s Love.

Blessed are the Merciful: Fighter Pilots – beatitudes series

This program is part of a series on the Beatitudes of Jesus. In this episode, we will look at what Jesus meant when he taught, “Blessed are the merciful, for they will be shown mercy.” This teaching will be illustrated by the Charlie Brown episode in World War II, in which a German fighter ace spared a stricken American B-17 bomber and saved the lives of its crew. In the Bible, mercy is a central quality of the character of God, demonstrated through Jesus Christ, and a key character trait of his people. Mercy doesn’t come naturally to human beings; however, when we understand the mercy that God has shown to us, we can be more merciful toward others.

Bear – The Rescue Dog

The Australian bushfire season of 2019 and 2020 was one of the worst in living memory. Millions of hectares of land were ravaged by the terrible firestorm and billions of animals were either displaced or destroyed. In an effort to rescue these vulnerable animals, veterinarians and carers across the countries worked tirelessly. But it wasn’t just human assistance that made a difference in the lives of some of Australia’s most vulnerable creatures. There was help of a four-legged variety that left an indelible mark. This week we want to introduce you to Bear, the koala rescue dog, whose work searching for and rescuing vulnerable koalas in the wild has detected over 100 at risk koalas. Join us as we take a close look at Bear and his story.

ANZAC Chaplains – Soldiers of Faith

The First World War is infamous for its slaughter on the battlefields of Gallipoli, France and Belgium. We’ve all heard the terrible stories of soldiers caught in the war. Despite the horrors, Australian and New Zealand soldiers forged a legend built on their resourcefulness, bravery, and undying mateship, which helped bring the survivors through the conflict. While the Anzac legend focuses on the heroic ordinary soldier and sometimes the outstanding leadership of particular officers, one group of Anzacs are rarely included in the Anzac story. The Chaplains.

Secrets of a Happy Family

Raising kids that become balanced, contributing adults that make a difference in the world will be less daunting when you understand the principles of succes…

Oberammergau – The Promise

It is the year 1632. The beautiful, remote town of Oberammergau nestles in the Bavarian Alps of Southern Germany – quietly and securely isolated from the…

Nicodemus: The Night Visitor

One of the most famous meetings of all time happened near Jerusalem. It was a night meeting between Jesus and Nicodemus. The words that…

The General’s Promise – Douglas MacArthur

In March 1942, General Douglas MacArthur was forced to leave the Philippines. The Japanese were advancing rapidly and were almost invincible. It seemed that all hope was lost and that the allied forces conceded victory to the Japanese. At first MacArthur was reluctant to leave but finally he agreed. He escaped to Australia and vowed that he would return to the Philippines and liberate the country from the Japanese. Two years later, true to his word, he returned. Join us as we take a look at the amazing story of General Douglas MacArthur.

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