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“Pray for us that the message of the LORD may spread rapidly and be honoured.”

It’s impossible to look at the news without seeing signs of the end. The barrage is overwhelming, and the world is living in fear. Signs, such as fires, droughts, pestilence and civil unrest, are increasingly warning us that we are truly in the end times. The world is looking for answers the News cannot provide.

More than any other time, we are now in need of the comforting words of Jesus and His assurance of hope. COVID-19 has impacted all of our lives, and it has become challenging to live in the “new normal”. At this time we are praying especially for seekers, those who are searching for Jesus, as restrictions make it harder than ever to reach people in person, answer their questions, and connect them with Jesus and their nearest church.

Googling for God

Stuck at home in fear, people are increasingly turning to the Internet with their questions, and at The Incredible Journey we are helping them find answers. The team and I spend countless hours praying about how we can more effectively connect with seekers. We believe the answer has been brought to us very clearly.

  • Millennials spend up to 18 hours a day behind a screen or on social media
  • Before 2019, 80% of our YouTube viewers were 65+.
  • In 2020, the single biggest demographic of our YouTube viewers are males aged 25-34, the demographic that has historically been the most difficult to reach for our church.
  • Today, the number of 65+ viewers hasn’t dropped off, but all other demographics have increased, with 85% of our viewers now under 55 and 35% under 35.

The Great Commission Goes Digital

Our digital media (YouTube Channel and website) has experienced exponential growth in viewership with no signs of slowing. We expect to exceed 3 million views this year. The Internet provides an opportunity through online platforms to reach people on a scale never available before. Now we can truly reach the masses for Jesus. We believe that God is turning this Covid-19 crisis into an opportunity to share the gospel. We believe God is calling us to use the Internet to reach people for Him so that they can prepare for the soon coming of Jesus.

Here are some simple ways you can help us follow God’s leading and grasp this opportunity:

  • $37.50 will help us transition 10 people from viewers to contacts and Bible studies
  • $50 funds 45 hours of online programming
  • $150 enables 5,000 people to find our truth-filled YouTube channel and website.

People are spending a major part of their day online. Many are actively seeking out the words of Christ. They are asking questions about the Bible, life, and prophecy. They can request more information directly from the links in our videos.

We are expanding our digital evangelism, but we need to invest in Internet evangelism, our website, YouTube and Facebook to maximise the reach and effectiveness of the Word of God.

Will you join us to share the good news of the Saviour’s gift of eternal life through digital evangelism?

Donations can be made online at The Incredible Journey or by calling 0481 315 101. Thank you for helping us expand God’s Kingdom!

Yours in Christ,

Pastor Gary Kent
Director & Host, The Incredible Journey

The Incredible Journey is a fully donor-funded non-for-profit ministry. Thank you for partnering with us financially and through prayers to prepare people for the second coming of Jesus.

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