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Who The Devil Is Satan?

Who The Devil Is Satan?

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Have you watched or read the news lately? The images can often be startling: Young people attacked, fatal car accidents, riots, deadly viruses, brawls, coups, terrorist attacks, family tragedies. It’s a reminder that we are living in a sad and violent world. After every news release, we might sometimes ask the questions, Why is this happening? Who is responsible? What is the source of all this evil and bad stuff? And, when will it all end? So, how did evil, violence and destruction begin in our world? Well surprisingly, it all began in Heaven. Yes, in heaven. All the evil, hate and bloodshed that we see in our world today had its origin in heaven. Here’s what happened. God created the angels and the leader of these angels in heaven was named Lucifer. He was beautiful and charismatic, but his heart was filled with pride. He wasn’t happy just being the leading angel, he wanted to be God. He desired to take the place of God. And when that didn’t happen, he rebelled against God. Lucifer gathered his followers around him. A third of all the angels joined their ranks and rebelled against God. This amazing angel, Lucifer, and his followers fought against God. But they lost the battle and were thrown out of heaven. And where did they go? Well, the evil around us tells us where Lucifer and his angels ended up. Yes, on earth, our earth, right here where we live. But there are consequences for rebellion. Lucifer didn’t get away with his disobedience and rebellion. He is no longer Lucifer the first angel, his name is now the devil, the enemy of God. Now the Greek word for devil is diabolos, which means “to split.” The devil is a splitter, a divider, a wedge driver. He divided Adam and Eve from God in the garden and has every intent of doing the same to you. He rebelled against God and wants you and me to do the same. The Bible says: “The devil, your enemy, goes around like a roaring lion seeking whom he can devour.” (1 Peter 5:8 NKJV). Satan has strategies and tricks. He’s subtle, he’s smart. He is far smarter than we are. In every quarrel and violent act, an unseen spiritual war is going on behind the scenes. Satan is trying to create chaos, distractions, and destruction in your relationships. He is behind the scenes, taking every opportunity to produce conflict in your life. Satan incites, sifts, persuades, binds, blinds, and rules. He wants to steal your peace, to kill your dreams, to destroy your future. So, Satan is no laughing matter. He hates you. He wants to destroy you, your marriage, your family, career, finances, life. You won’t have peace in your life if you think you’re just fighting or contending with another person when conflict arises. You are fighting against Satan, against powerful spiritual forces, the forces of darkness. And you’ll never defeat or outsmart Satan by yourself. So how do you fight against this kind of power? How do you defend yourself? How do you get the victory? Well, remember this. Even though you were born into a cosmic battle between good and evil, you are born to win – because Jesus loves you and has come to your defence. He’s acted on your behalf. He’s defeated the devil. And by accepting Him, His victory becomes your victory. And here’s the really good news. Jesus is coming soon to end all suffering and pain and to destroy sin and Satan forever. So, let’s go over the Bible facts about who the Devil, Satan, is? 1. He was a beautiful created angel named Lucifer 2. He wanted to be God 3. He rebelled against God 4. He persuaded a third of the angels in heaven to join him. 5. He was cast out of heaven to this earth 6. He now focuses his attention on the people who live on planet earth. 7. He is a clever strategist and causes all the pain, suffering and death in our world. 8. He is real and we cannot defeat him on our own. 9. Jesus has defeated the devil and gives us armour to protect us from the devil. 10. Jesus is coming soon to destroy Satan and create a new world where there will be no more pain or suffering. So, there they are, 10 Bible facts about Satan.
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