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New Year’s Message 2022

New Year’s Message 2022

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It’s the new Year we have all been waiting for! 2022! It’s a time of celebration! Incredible Fireworks, longed-for family gatherings, in-person parties and fun holidays. We are standing at the gateway to a new year. A new beginning, a new year ahead with all our hopes and dreams and resolutions.

We have all lived through the pandemic and the lockdowns and our lives have been challenged and turned upside down. They have changed forever. But, the big question is, what will 2022 bring? Will the pandemic and the lockdowns continue? Will there be another world disaster just around the corner?

As the world prepares to sign a truce in the Covid war, we start to look at what our lives and our freedom will look like in this new year 2022.

Do you want to have a fresh start in your life? God wants you to experience a new beginning. God wants to give you a new beginning with His Word, the Bible. Without God’s Word, the Bible, we wouldn’t know about Jesus. We wouldn’t know about His birth, His death on the cross and His resurrection. We wouldn’t know about Heaven and the gift of eternal life. We wouldn’t know about God’s purpose for our lives.

God wants to give you all of that — but it all starts with His Word. The Bible helps us to know and understand God. Through the Bible, God re-creates our lives. If you feel that you can’t cope anymore, that you’re at the end of your rope, then turning to His Word is the answer. God uses the Bible to give us a fresh start, a new year plan that will change our lives for the better. It really will give you a new beginning and a fresh start.

God’s Word isn’t just words on a page. It’s spiritual power and can do the impossible. It can transform you; it can transform society and has transformed history. And it can also change your life. The Bible is more than just knowledge and information, the Bible was given to change our lives.

The Bible says the Word of God can change things that you cannot change on your own. God does not want you to wander around aimlessly. And in these uncertain times when we are all wondering about the future, why not make God’s Word a regular part of your life and get ready for the impossible!
But God has never made anything without a purpose. Everything has a purpose and a plan. God has a plan for your life in 2022.
You may ask, “Well, how can I know God’s plan for my life?” Well, God’s plans for your life are revealed in the Bible and realized through prayer. The more you read and pray, the more you’re going to understand God’s plan for your life. When you pray to Him, He listens, and He answers and guides your life.
I’d like to share with you a promise for the new year, 2022, found in Jeremiah 29:11. It says, “‘I know what I am planning for you,’ says the Lord. ‘I have good plans for you, not plans to hurt you. I will give you a hope and a good future.’”

As you consider your plans for this year, why not make sure they include reading God’s Word, the Bible, regularly. If you would like a guide to help you do this, then make sure you receive our new year’s gift for you, the 2022 TIJ Bible Reading Plan. This plan will help you read through the entire Bible in one year. Just use the QR code on the screen or go to our Incredible Journey website, tij.tv, to request your free Bible Reading Plan now: https://tij.tv/bible-reading-plan/

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