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Can you tell the Future?

Can you tell the Future?

VIDEO: Can you tell the Future?

Sand Sculpting is awesome. It is an artform that only uses sand to create pieces of art that capture our imagination and stir our hearts. It is just so inspiring to watch a skilled sand sculptor creating a masterpiece. You can see the intricate designs and patterns of this sand sculpture. It’s stunning and certainly far more inspiring than the humble sandcastle most of us build on the beach near the waves with a bucket and spade. Our sandcastles are soon washed away by the tide. And even the most amazing creations are eventually blown away by the wind, washed away by the waves, and destroyed over time. But one thing our beautiful sand clock can’t do – and that is tell the time. Now time is the only certainty we have in life: like the sand in an hourglass, there is a steady, unstoppable advancement of time. We can’t hold it back. Time just keeps marching on. You cannot save time or lock it away. You can’t keep some of it back for that rainy day. You cannot hold on to time as it slips through your fingers like sand. Yesterday is history. Today will follow soon. And tomorrow is the future. You know the thing about time is that we can look back, but we can’t see the future. Who could have predicted the pandemic that has changed our world forever? Who could have predicted the rise of violence and lawlessness in our societies? Many people are asking what is going to happen next? How can we know what is the next calamity? Is there a way to find out? Some have tried to tell the future, but without success. Some try science, others try fortune-tellers with their crystal balls, others read the horoscopes, and others follow conspiracy theories. I would like to suggest that the only reliable source to find out about the future is in the Bible. Only God knows the future and He shares the details in His word, the Bible.
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