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There are about 2000 islands off the coast of Queensland and only one is connected to the mainland by a bridge. Bribie Island is a magnificent sand island off the east coast of Australia just north of Brisbane. It’s 34 kms long and 8 kms wide. Its white sandy beaches are ideal for swimming, surfing, boating and fishing. But that’s not the reason for my visit. I’m here to speak to an amazing individual – the Butterfly Man of Bribie Island – Ray Archer. It’s pretty easy to see why Ray loves butterflies so much. Butterflies are simply spectacular. They’re loved and adored by virtually every person on this planet. They are among the most spectacular and beautiful creatures in all the world. One of the most famous species of butterfly in the world, the Monarch Butterfly, live here in the Bribie Island Butterfly House. Our planet needs these beautiful creatures, not just for their beauty and endurance, but also for the message they, and all butterflies, carry. You see, something truly remarkable takes place right here in this butterfly chrysalis that is beyond imagination, defies logic, and dismantles one of modern man’s most renowned theories. What happens inside this chrysalis is one of the great mysteries of the natural world. The great change, or metamorphosis, that takes place inside a chrysalis as a caterpillar changes into a butterfly, defies the theory of evolution, one of modern man’s most renowned theories. The caterpillar not only changes form, but actually dissolves before rebuilding into the structure of a butterfly – a new life form. From the same DNA arises a completely different organism. In fact, the metamorphosis of the butterfly uses the same DNA in all four life cycles – egg – caterpillar – chrysalis – butterfly. This contradicts the theory of evolution which relies on DNA mutation plus natural selection to bring about change. There is simply no plausible evolutionary explanation for the butterfly metamorphosis. It’s a biological miracle. The incredible change from caterpillar to the adult winged butterfly defies evolution and provides fascinating evidence of design. In fact, the whole butterfly lifecycle: egg – caterpillar – chrysalis – butterfly – shows exquisite design. None of the stages of the caterpillar-butterfly development occur by chance – which is the central pillar of the theory of evolution. A Monarch Butterfly egg will develop through the cycle – egg – caterpillar – chrysalis – and always become a Monarch Butterfly – always. Nothing is left to chance. Rather, the facts show that a Master Designer programmed every stage of the caterpillar-butterfly life cycle. There’s planning, foresight, artistry and engineering. It’s the handiwork of an intelligence that transcends the natural world. The best evidence for the origin of butterflies, in all their beauty, is found on the very first page of the Bible: “In the beginning God created… (the large sea creatures, and every living creature that moves, with which the waters swarmed, after its kind, and) every winged flying creature after its kind. And God saw that it was good.” (Genesis 1:1,21). And that’s the message these wonderful fluttering butterflies bring to the billions of people on planet earth. If you’d like to know more about the butterfly’s message, and the great Designer who made them, then I’d like to recommend the free gift we have you today – it’s the booklet, “The Fingerprints of God.” This booklet is our gift to you and it’s absolutely free. Here’s the information you need.
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