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Amazing Bible Prophecies – God’s Lighthouse

Amazing Bible Prophecies – God’s Lighthouse

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Australia has more than 300 lighthouses scattered along its coastline of over 37,000 kms to warn shipping of danger, establish their position and guide them to their destinations. The Double Island Point Lighthouse situated on the east coast of Australia, 200km north of Brisbane, is the second oldest lighthouse in Queensland. It was built in 1884. The tower rises 8m and its automatic solar-powered light is the equivalent of 1 million candles and is visible 48km out to sea. Like ships at sea, we also need a guide to lead us through the storms and challenges of life. God has given us His word, the Bible, as a lighthouse. Psalm 119:105 says, Your word is a lamp unto my feet and a light unto my path. The Bible shines light on the way ahead by mapping the future through its prophecies and predictions. By studying the prophecies, we can know what lies ahead and better understand the events taking place in the world around us. Some of the best-known Bible prophecies are found in the book of Daniel. Over 2600 years ago, he made amazing predictions about the future. This remarkable Bible prophet foretold many major events in history. His daring claims about the future have proved 100 percent accurate right up to our day. For example, in Daniel 2, he outlined the major empires that would rule the world and accurately predicted events associated with WWII and modern Europe. If you would like to know more about the prophecies of Daniel, then I’d like to recommend the free Bible reading guide, About Your Future. Please go to our TIJ website to request our free offer now. On the website or on the TIJ youtube channel you will be able to watch a documentary on this prophecy called, Daniel 2 – The Hand that Guides the Future.
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