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107. The Tenants of the Vineyard – Mark 12:1-8

In this parable, the man who planted a vineyard and built a wall around it is God. The tenant farmers he asked to look after the vineyard represent the people of Israel, to whom he had entrusted his blessings. But when God wanted to have some of the fruit rightfully his, they wouldn’t give it to him. Remember how the day before Jesus had gone to find fruit on the fig tree but found none? It’s the same story. The servants whom the vineyard owner sent to collect some fruit were the prophets. God had continued to send them, although they were ridiculed, rejected, and even killed. Eventually, the man sends his beloved son, but they also kill the son in the tragic climax of this story. As you hear this parable, your natural reaction might be to think, “I could never do what those tenants did to the Son!” And that’s probably what Jesus’ hearer’s thought as well. Yet a few days later, they would call for his blood. Find a quiet place today and reflect on where you are in your relationship with Jesus.

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