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Snoozing Through the Sirens

The Bible has a lot to say about what’s happening in our world right now. The prophetic sirens are blaring. Let’s look at 6 signs that tell us we are on the verge of eternity.

Discover these 6 prophetic sirens by watching this video.

Called. Chosen. Committed.

All this time you have been trying to plan your own life, and all this time the Son of God is planning to share His throne with you anyway. Are you going to trust Him?

The only thing that stands between now and God’s second coming is you. Watch this video to learn how to let go of self and let God lead in your life.

Shadow Empire 1

In the 1st part of the Shadow Empire series, we follow the story of two men whose lives were destined to come together in an explosive clash of empires.

Shadow Empire 2

Christianity had survived the persecution of the Roman Empire, but could it now survive the embrace of the emperor – and maintain its authenticity and purity?

Shadow Empire 3

Constantine was the first Roman emperor to embrace Christianity. But why did he do this? How did his actions affect world history? And what does this story teach us about how to respond to threats of religious freedom that we see emerging in the world today?

Shadow Empire 4

Jerusalem has a special significance for Jews, Christians, and Muslims. So it is hardly surprising that this city played a pivotal role in Constantine’s novel empire that united Christianity and paganism. What part did Jerusalem play in the establishment of the shadow empire? And what is the significance for us living nearly two thousand years later?

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