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Patriarchs and Prophets

All over the world today, people are watching the events unfolding around us. Many sense that we stand on the very brink of some tremendous crisis. Filled with fear and perplexity, they search frantically for purpose, security and hope. In the Conflict of the Ages series, the curtain is drawn aside to unveil the long-standing cosmic battle that has shaped world events to what they are today; a battle between truth and error, between light and darkness; a battle whose final struggle is the great crisis that is soon to break upon planet Earth. “Patriarchs and Prophets”, the first book in the series, traces approximately 3000 years of history, from before the creation of our world, to the end of the reign of David, king of ancient Israel. In this insightful book, you will discover the original destiny of humanity, how evil entered our world, and God’s amazing plan to safeguard the universe forever from sin and the devastation it brings. In its pages, you will find peace amidst the storm.
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