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Gary Kent

Does God Really Make a Difference?

A shooting ambush in a remote Australian town that left six people dead has been declared a religiously-motivated terrorist attack. Authorities say that it is the first time that Christian extremist ideology has been linked to a terror attack in Australia. Two police officers and a neighbour were killed when Nathaniel, Stacy and Gareth Train opened fire on a rural property in Queensland in December 2022. Police say that their investigation has found that the Trains executed a religiously-motivated terrorist attack. But is that what Christianity is really all about? Is that what faith in God produces? Well, the reality is that God does make a difference. He brings peace, not bloodshed, He brings happiness, not heartache, and He brings love, not hate. As you read this booklet, you will find the assurance that God does indeed make a difference, one heart at a time.
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