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Bundoora Church Event

On 26 November 2022, Bundoora Church was excited to host Pr. Gary Kent from The Incredible Journey TV and media ministry.

The entire church was buzzing as weeks of preparation finally came together to make the event a reality.

Gary shared two unique messages that spoke to the hearts of everyone. The event brought a revival to our hearts at the end of the year to prepare us for 2023. It’s just what our church needed!

Over 200 people attended the event on the day. Our Bible students, who had heard of and watched Gary’s programs religiously on TV, came along and visited us on that day. Photos with Gary were taken, and we received many messages about how thankful the students were that our church organised such an event.

We were able to tap into several viewers of TIJ in the northern area who aren’t attending an Adventist church at the moment. So, we want to find ways to follow up with them soon. Here are some testimonies from them:

“I stumbled upon The Incredible Journey show on YouTube one day and was amazed by the discovery of the Dead Sea Scrolls. So when Pr. Vikram told me that Gary Kent would be speaking at an event, I knew I wanted to attend it. It was truly an awesome opportunity to hear someone like Gary Kent that’s been to all the great places that Jesus Christ has walked on and witnessed firsthand all the wonders written in the Bible. It was like seeing the stories come to life.”

“Greetings and Blessings. It’s my privilege and pleasure to offer you my summary of the opportunity to meet such a renowned and internationally acclaimed speaker as Gary Kent. Four short hours, but a lifetime of dedication to God in ministry via mission, church, TV, and online, Pr. Gary has given his life and soul to giving people like me the blessing to witness and strengthen my faith and love for Jesus Christ. Praise be to God.”

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