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Dundas Church Evangelism

Gary shares Bible prophecy with the Dundas Community

In the heartland of Sydney, amid the bustling streets of suburbia, a faith revolution is underway. Gary Kent, passionate evangelist and our speaker at The Incredible Journey, had embarked on a remarkable journey to share the gospel and Bible Truth with the residents of Dundas. It was an initiative that would leave an indelible mark on the hearts of many.

Under the title “Bible Discovery Program”, Gary delivered twelve powerful presentations that resonated deeply with the local community. Viewers of our program came to these gatherings, hungry for spiritual enlightenment and eager to explore the profound message he brought to them. Each evening was marked by an atmosphere of learning, reflection, and unity.

It was a testament to the universal appeal of the message of hope and salvation that the Bible shares.

As Gary’s time in Sydney drew to a close, Gordon Gosset now carries the torch and continues this transformative event.

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