with Gary Kent

3-24 AUGUST 2019

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Meet Gary Kent live in Wandin North!
Wandin North Senior Citizens Hall
401 Warburton HWY
Wandin North, VIC 3139

Cost: Free
Free parking at venue
Full meal provided
RSVP is a must.

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Session 1

6:00PM saturday 3 august

Mayans, Mystics and Messengers

For thousands of years people have tried to discover what the future holds in an effort to gain an edge over fate. They have interpreted the words of the prophets, searched religious texts and studied the alignment of the planets for a glimpse of what the future might have in store.
Come and explore the fascinating world of Bible prophecy.


Session 2

6:00PM SUNDAy 4 august

Signs That Jesus Is Coming

The world is heading towards a climactic event. The Jews are looking for their Messiah. The Muslims are expecting the prophet Isa, while the Christians are waiting for the soon return of Jesus. In this presentation we will outline the latest research on the key events that are taking place around the world. We invite you to discover the exciting future for yourself.


Session 3

6:00PM saturday 10 august

How Will The World End?

In their book, ‘The Life and Death of Planet Earth’, two scientists from the University of Washington claim the world’s future is bound by an internal time clock. They believe the planet will eventually dissolve into a burned-out cinder as a giant sun swallows it up. Is the future this gloomy? In this presentation we will see what the Bible says about the destiny of planet Earth. The future may surprise you.


Session 4

6:00pm sunday 11 august

Steps To Spiritual Freedom

Do you feel at times as if you are captive to guilt, discouragement, deep-seated addictions, self-centeredness or low self-esteem? This program demonstrates in a practical way the good news that a loving God has developed a rescue plan for you.


Session 5

6:00PM saturday 17 august

inside the golden ark of the covenant

One of the most fascinating mysteries of all time is the disappearance of the Ark of the Covenant. Where is it today? Why is the Ark so treasured and what was inside it that needed great protection? In this program you will discover the true meaning and importance of the powerful contents within the Ark of the Covenant.


Session 6

6:00PM sunday 18 august

Rest For The Soul

Today’s fast-paced, multi-tasking and socially disconnected lifestyle has resulted in unprecedented levels of stress. Does God have a solution to help us rest in a restless world? What did Jesus say to those weighed down by hard work and personal burdens?

session 8

Session 7

6:00pm saturday 24 august

the greatest discovery

Since the dawn of time, humans have been driven by the spirit of adventure and discovery. One such discovery was made by a humble monk. We must understand and apply this central truth before we can experience consistent victory, peace, and joy in our daily lives. Don’t miss this presentation to learn what it is.


Session 8

6:00pm sunday 25 august

the sign of the cross

Is water baptism still relevant today? Why is it that different churches seem to baptise in different ways, and does it really matter? What should you do if you feel you are not “good enough” for baptism? Does baptism mean that you will never sin again?
You will discover the rich meaning behind the symbol of biblical baptism.


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