Mental Health. Depression. Anxiety. Stress. No one should have to put up with the devastating effects of these debilitating and lonely diseases for a lifetime. There is hope. There is a way out.

Dr Neil Nedley’s 8 week Community Depression & Anxiety recovery program is a Mental Health Education program that has helped many people ‘get their life back’ on track.

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Don’t miss this outstanding program that will introduce you to a few simple lifestyle steps anyone can implement in their lives and achieve optimal mental health. 


Dundas SDA Church Hall,
40 Kissing Point Road;


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May Community Depression and Anxiety Recovery Program™ Results.

As a program average, the Beck Depression scores were severe before the program. The after scores showed a 30.1 point improvement with the average being at no depression.
15 patients left with no clinical depression.
11 out of 18 patients came to the program with severe depression, 6 out of those 11 left with no clinical depression at all.

testimony of a changed life


Before the program: I couldn’t even think 24 hours in the future. Some days just going out to the mailbox was a victory for me. You can imagine the impact that had when you have 5 young kids. It has obviously affected my entire family. Thankfully, my wife and children have been so gracious. My sweet kids often saw me crying. I would feel a little hug, and then another, and soon they would all be around me. This probably happened a dozen times. I knew that I needed to do something – something had to change.

My experience at the program: My wife had been pushing the plant-based diet and pretty much everything else that Dr. Nedley and the staff laid out for us at the program. The first time I talked to her on the phone, maybe a day into the program, I just said, “I am so sorry! You’ve been telling me.” In that moment it clicked. The Lord was preparing me because He knew that had she not exposed me, I would’ve really struggled to make the changes I have made. But because I had been exposed, my heart was softened, and I was ready.

Within the first two days, I started to make some commitments. I started out being willing to just try the vegetarian stuff; I wasn’t going to give up the eggs and the cheese though. By the next day I was willing to maybe go plant-based, but I told myself that whenever we have a big dinner at my parents’ house, I will eat meat and whatever else. But the more I saw the fruits of following the plan, the stronger my commitment has become. I am 100% committed to all the puzzle pieces: the spiritual aspect, the physical exercise, the plant-based diet. I cannot ever go back to where I have been. I know that is the key.

What I’d like to tell the others: I have a firm testimony that the work being done here is the Lord’s work. For the first time in probably 20 years, I am confident in the brightness of my future. I am not saying there won’t be down days, but now I have the tools to handle them. The CBT for me, along with everything, has just been a revelation. It feels like the sunshine coming in the room. It feels like I have had my blinds closed for years and now I can feel light and vitality. With these tools, I know that I can weather whatever storm may come. Right before I came in here, I saw saved in my notes a little fortune cookie paper I had seen on my way to the program that said something so simple but so encouraging. The note reads, “The best is yet to come.” And I don’t have any doubt.

*this story has been slightly edited for clarity.


Before the program: Life before for me was an existence where I was actually already endeavoring to put into practice these very principles the program is built on. However, I just had been unable to successfully do that on my own and I was rapidly losing altitude, and even the desire to continue to try and I found myself crying. I could just see everything coming apart inside of me.

My experience at the program: At the program I found myself immersed in and saturated with truth, statistics, facts, personal testimony, love, acceptance, encouragement, and step-by-step instruction and help from all of the staff involved. Everyone was focused on the one main goal of my individual successful recovery from all that had held me back all of my life.

What I’d like to tell the others: What I’d like to tell others is that you are not alone and that you don’t have to try and figure all this out or do it all on your own any longer. As a matter fact you can’t. So come to this residential program. Find true family. Find very real help and ultimately your father and creator God both in theory and in action.


Genetic pre-dispositions

Developmental challenges such as being raised in a dysfunctional home, or a history of trauma or sexual abuse

Physical fitness

Sleep disturbances

Addictive tendencies

Morbid thoughts or hopelessness

Hormonal depression

Contributing spiritual issues

Severe life stresses

Loss of finances, loss of loved ones, loss of job, divorce or marital challenges, loss of a vision

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy 

Emotional Intelligence 

You First.

The Nedley Depression and Anxiety Recovery Program™ leaves no stone unturned in determining the exact cause and precise brain chemistry of the patient that can be reversed and fixed.  You will get the most extensive laboratory analysis with other comprehensive tests and expert evaluations of your current physical, mental/emotional health including extensive genetic/epigenetic testing.  You will find out what genetic flaws you may have, and how to turn off those bad genes through nutrition, lifestyle, and cognitive approaches.  The typical lengthy trial and error approach is unnecessary since Dr. Nedley’s approach will reveal what medications, supplements, cognitive approaches, and other therapies will be best for each individual patient.  The frontal lobe is enhanced through lifestyle methods that can also enhance practical spirituality that improves self-control and the ability to manage your emotions, instead of your emotions managing you.

It works for severe depression. Sleep disturbances. Fatigue. Apathy. Loss of focus or concentration. Feelings of worthlessness. Deep sadness. Feelings of hopelessness. Emptiness. Weight and appetite problems. Irritability. Agitation. Difficulty in functioning. Lack of interest and motivation. Insomnia. Early morning awakening. Oversleeping. Difficulty in making good decisions. Relationship problems. Sexual problems. Loss of healthy libido. Underachieving. Feelings of being on edge. Feelings of panic. Social anxiety. Phobias. Obsessions and compulsions. Post traumatic stress disorder. Poor self-control. Poor frustration tolerance. Addictions. Brain fog. Suicidal thoughts and tendencies.

Yes, You.

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