bible college Testimonies

What are people saying about the training we offer?


“This school is on the cutting-edge of evangelism. Five of our effective evangelists are the result of the Torres’ training program.”
Doug Batchelor, Director & President, Amazing Facts Inc.

“This training has changed my life . . . It is an experience that every lay person interested in soul winning should go through. The great value is that I learned how to secure decisions. I have used the training in Indonesia, Poland and in the U.S.A.”
Attorney Norman Reitz, Former ASI President

Students of Mission College of Evangelism, USA

“There are three main things that I learned during my experience at Mission College. First, everyone is called to share the message of a crucified, risen and soon coming Saviour. Second, everyone has a testimony to share – even if you grew up in the church as I did, you still have a story to tell about how God has led in your life. Lastly, evangelism is not an event, not a one time thing, but a lifestyle.”
– Jacqueline Shelley, Breckenridge, MI

Have you found a new peace and joy at the cross? Do you feel driven to share your joy with others? The Incredible Journey Bible College can show you how! Learn more about our training course and download application forms.

At The Incredible Journey Bible College, we strive to offer the best value in evangelism training. We keep the cost as low as possible while still providing a high-quality learning experience. Use our financial information and schedules to plan your Bible College experience.

Classes with Louis and Carol Torres will give you a thorough knowledge of the Bible. You will be fully equipped to share God’s Word.

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