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Financial Information

At The Incredible Journey Bible College, we strive to offer the best possible value in evangelistic training. We keep the cost as low as possible while still giving our students a high-quality learning experience. Financial information for the Applied Ministries course in 2020 is given below.
Cost of Attendance* 
The cost of the Applied Ministries course is $4850, plus conditionally refundable room deposit of $300. This includes tuition, accommodation, meals, books, and transportation to school-sponsored events (outreach, evangelistic meetings, etc.). These fees are heavily subsidised by The Incredible Journey.
Detailed fees are listed below.
Payment of Fees
An application fee of $25 is due with all Australian and New Zealand applications and is non-refundable. International applications will incur a fee of $50 AU.
Upon acceptance into the Applied Ministries course, a total minimum payment of $2300 is required, consisting of $2000 fee down payment, plus $300 room deposit. The remaining balance is due on 16 February 2020.
In special circumstances, students may apply for a payment plan. This requires $2000 due on 16 February 2020 and the balance in equal payments which are due by the 20th of each month.
All payment plans must be approved in writing by The Incredible Journey Bible College Administration before registration. 
Applications for payment plans may be requested from The Incredible Journey Bible College Administration.
All fees must be paid in full before graduation. The next graduation date is 24 May 2020.
Transcripts and certificates are only issued upon full payment of account.
No soliciting of funds is permitted.
Transportation to and from The Incredible Journey Bible College upon arrival or departure, to or from the airport, bus or train station, is available for a fee of $25 one-way. This cost is not included in the quote of $4850 for the Applied Ministries course.
Room Deposit
A room deposit of $300 is included in the minimum payment fee of $2300. This deposit is due upon notification of acceptance into the program. Any waiver of this requirement must be cleared by The Incredible Journey Bible College Administration.
Room deposit is refundable only after room is left clean and damage free and student financial account is paid in full by graduation. In the event a student’s account is not paid in full by graduation, the room deposit will be applied to his or her account.
Standard rooms are double occupancy. Students who wish to request other conditions of accommodation, such as married students’ quarters, are advised to contact The Incredible Journey Bible College Administration for further information and costs.
The Incredible Journey Bible College will make every effort to accommodate the needs of each individual student, but makes no guarantee concerning accommodation beyond the standard rooms.
The quoted accommodation fee covers accommodation for term dates. The next term will be from 16 February–24 May 2020.
Education Funding

Because of the unique nature of our program, The Incredible Journey Bible College is not affiliated with any federal or state financial aid or loan programs.
The Incredible Journey Bible College accepts Visa and Mastercard payments – however, a processing fee of 1.7% applies.

Some students may feel strongly impressed to attend The Incredible Journey Bible College, but currently lack the funds to do so. Below are some suggestions for fundraising that have been used successfully in the past by others wishing to attend this type of program.

Fundraising Ideas

  • Offer to do house or yard work for family, friends and local community members for a reasonable fee.
  • Join a canvassing program.
  • Ask for sponsorship from friends, family and local church members. Some local churches have sponsored students to attend a Bible College, in exchange for the student doing Bible work at that church when he or she has completed the course.
  • Find a part time job at a grocery store.

Those who feel compelled to study at The Incredible Journey Bible College, but are unsure of how they will meet their financial obligations in doing so, are encouraged to pray earnestly about it, and cooperate with God in working to obtain funds as He opens the way. God can work mighty miracles when He is given the opportunity.



Cost/ week

Total cost

(14 weeks)


Standard (double occupancy)



Married Student Accommodation

Contact Us

Food (2 meals/ day)

Adult (Ages 13+)



Child (Ages 0-2)



Child (Ages 3-7)



Child (Ages 8-12)



Tuition (includes books, class materials and outreach transportation)


Application Fee for AU & NZ Students


Subtotal for AU & NZ Students


Additional Expenses

Application Fee for International Students


Room Deposit**


Transportation (pick-up from airport, bus/train station, one-way)


* All prices are in Australian dollars. All payments must be made in Australian dollars. Prices correct as of 29 July, 2019. Prices are subject to change without notice. Applicants will be advised of final costs upon acceptance into the course.
** Deposit refundable only after room is left clean and damage free, and student financial account is paid in full by graduation.

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